Badges? Badges? Badges? So that’s what they mean!

Okay, there seems to be some confusion on what do these badges mean. So here’s what I know so far, based on first hand experience.
First, all of these badges have at least three levels, silver, gold and diamond, based on your level in a particular category.
Weekend Warrior is for listening for 24 hours over a weekend. I don’t know how I qualified for this, because I listened alot, but I doubt anywhere near 24 hours.
Social Butterfly is if you take up the offer to spread the word about your audible badges on Twitter and Facebook.
Repeat Listener is fairly self-explanatory. If you’ve listened to something all the way through more than once, you’ve got it.
All Nighter is for listening at least 8 hours at night.
Undecider is for listening to parts of three or more programs in quick succession.
Flash 80 you earn by checking your statistics screen obsessively. Apparently, it’s named after some football player who was obsessed with his performance statistics.
High Noon is earned by listening for an hour or more around the lunch hour.
The Stacks is achieved by having an excessive number of audiobooks in your library.

This leaves the Stenographer, Audible Obsessed, Binge Listener, 7-Day Stretch, Procrastinator and Mount Everest as still unknown frontiers… at least for now.

All in all, I still have to take my hat off to the sheer marketing genius of the whole badges system. That so many intelligent people are so interested in a system of awards with no monetary or social value offers a ripe frontier for psychologists and marketers alike.

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151 Responses to Badges? Badges? Badges? So that’s what they mean!

  1. Steven Miller says:

    The Stenographer is completed by add bookmarks with a comment.

  2. Steven Miller says:

    The Marathoner is completed by listening 16 hours straight.

    • sinclairac says:

      It’s actually 24 straight hours (at least that’s what my device tells me).

      • sinclairac says:

        Sorry, maybe 24 hours is for diamond level. I think there are Silver, Gold and Diamond levels of completion.

  3. Bob says:

    Thanks Steven! Great information! Working together, we’ll find out what all of them mean.

  4. t hopkins says:

    I received the silver level audible obsessed for listening every day for the first 7 days after installing the app. Not sure if it had to be the first 7 days or if it could have been any 7 days in a row, though.

  5. Rho says:

    Binge Listener is listening to at least 2 complete books start to finish. Thanks for the info on the other badges!

  6. Bob says:

    Dear T-Hopkins and Rho,
    Thanks for the info! These are great additions!

  7. Ryan says:

    7 day stretch is completing a certain number of books in a single week. Cheers!

  8. Bob says:

    Thanks for the info Ryan, I’ve been really wondering about the 7-Day Stretch myself. I guess now the big question is what’s Mt. Everest and are sherpas involved?

  9. Steven MIller says:

    The Silver Badge for 7-Day Stretch is specifically- You’ve completed at least 7 books in a single week.

    Does any have more information on “Obsessed Badge”, i have more then 7 days straight and haven’t received it. Maybe it is a min usage per day for 7 days. Any help would be great.

    • BobTheCopywriter says:

      Check out T Hopkin’s reply from 8/26. Any ideas on Procrastinator or Mt. Everest?

      • Ryan says:

        I’m not sure why, but I have had the audible app installed for a month and a half and have listened every single day since and still haven’t got the obsessed badge. I’d be curious to see what the exact text of the silver level of that badge was.

      • SandyK says:

        Procrastinator is for having more then 10 books downloaded and not marked finished. I have only recieved silver on this. The problem with this is as soon as your book is either marked as finished or deleted then you lose the badge. It seems like this is one that will be difficult to recieve diamond on and to keep.

      • sinclairac says:

        For Procrastinator, to solve that problem, long press on your titles that are marked “finished” and an option to “untag as finished” will be in the pop up menu.

    • josh kottler says:

      i got the gold level Obsessed badge for listening 30 days straight.


      • martha price says:

        you must have to listen at least a few hours every day straight for a month, because I have listened everyday for 2 months, some time less than others and I only have the initial obsessed badge.

    • SandyK says:

      I have received the Gold Badge for 7-Day Stretch by completing 18 books in a single week. (Long Road Trip) :)

  10. Steven Miller says:

    Gold Level – Flash 80: You’ve taken a peek at your Audible stats at least 200 times.

  11. I teach software testing at North Iowa Area Community College, so I really enjoy this stuff.

    Diamond Level – Flash 80: You’ve taken a peek at your Audible stats at least 500 times.

  12. Social Butterfly Gold Level – You’ve shared your listening habits at least 25 times.

  13. Undecider Diamond Level – You’ve listened to at least 40 different titles in one day.

  14. Social Butterfly Diamond Level – You’ve share your listening habits at least 100 times.

  15. Repeat Listener Gold Level – You’ve listened to the same audiobook at least 10 times.

  16. Repeat Listener Diamond Level – You’ve listened to the same audiobook at least 20 times.

  17. Binge Listener Gold Level – You’ve listened to at least 5 complete books start – to – finish.

  18. Binge Listener Diamond Level – You’ve listened to at least 10 complete books start – to – finish.

  19. 7 Day Stretch Gold Level – You’ve completed at least 15 books in a single week.

  20. 7 Day Stretch Diamond Level – You’ve completed at least 50 books in a single week.

    • BobTheCopywriter says:

      NIACC.EDU is lucky to have you!
      You obviously know your stuff!

  21. Stenographer Gold Level – You’ve placed at least 40 bookmarks.

  22. Stenographer Diamond Level – You’ve placed at least 125 bookmarks.

  23. Tanukitsune says:

    I assume Procrastinator is gotten by pausing the audiobook and coming back to it much MUCH later?

    And Mt. Everest must be gotten for listening to a very long audiobook, none of mine is longer that 10 hours, so I assume it must be 15-20 or maybe even more?

    • Rebecca says:

      I doubt it, I use my app to listen to the Robert Jordan books. Each of these books are 30 + hours and have yet to get the Mt. Everest award. The newest book is 38 hours and I just finished it.

      • Jeremiah Walters says:

        I just finished the last Robert jordern book and recieved the badge I had to refresh my library after the listen

    • David says:

      My guess is the Mt. Everest badge comes when you have 1,000 titles in your library.

      • Maryann says:

        I just received a silver Mt. Everest for listening to a title 30 hours long.

        I too have listened enought to fufill a few of the badges I still do not have. I think it may have to do with the devise you are listening on. I use a Kindle Fire.

      • martha price says:

        Did you listen start to finish on a 30 hour book, I wonder?

    • Mt. Everest (silver) is for a book longer than 30 hours. I guess I’ll have to listen to Les Miserable and see what it gets me.

    • Stephen King says:

      No, I have 25 and 30 hour books and never got even the first level of this. I believe it probably comes when you have all the others, or maybe all the others plus MASTER listening level (I have 841 hours left to get this one – I am only SCHOLAR now and got there 5/2/2013),

  24. Scott Krumpe says:

    I’m thinking Procrastinator would be for downloading a title and not listening to it for a certain amount of time. Mt Everest might be for having so many titles downloaded or having so much memory in use for audible titles. I am trying to clear out some old podcasts to be able to try these theories out.

    Thanks for compiling the list you have so far. I have used it to earn some badges now that I know what they are.

  25. Scott Krumpe says:

    Oh I should add that there was a glitch that might have been fixed in the weekend warrior and all-nighter badges. I got both of them to diamond in one night for listening 88 hours that night. I fell asleep listening to a book and when I got up the next morning, I had listened to 88 hours and I know I didn’t sleep for 3 days. It even showed my listening for 88 hours in a single day, I’m not a time traveler but I managed to do it somehow.

  26. My daughter is helping me test on her Android and just received the:
    Obsessed Badge Silver – Everyday on your calendar is marked “listening”

    She just installed it 7 days ago and listened a little each day.

    In contrast I listened over 12 hours a day for 7 days straight and did not receive it.

    Personally, I think this is a horrible badge since you cant receive it after missing it without reinstalling the app.

  27. Blake Hickman says:

    The Stacks (Diamond level) – is achieved by having at least 500 books in your library.

  28. Scott Krumpe says:

    There must be a trick to the Obsessed badge. I reinstalled over a week ago and haven’t gotten it yet. I listen usually over an hour a day but it’s always a little bit of one book until the end. I do have a short excerpt of a book I ‘listen’ to every day to earn the repeat listener badge. Most of my books are 5+ hours and many are 10+ so it’s hard to listen to them straight through multiple times or even the whole book in a single session.

    I do have a few about an hour long I have downloaded but have yet to listen to in an attempt to get the Procrastinator badge.

  29. dlcook says:

    If you want to have some fun, try playing around with the iPhone calendar while listening. I had missed a day’s listening, and while I was trying to fool the app, some interesting things happened:


  30. Chad says:

    Just finished Atlas Shrugged which clocks in at 63 hours. Didn’t get any badges for it though
    So, length of book doesn’t matter.

  31. Eric says:

    Still working on the rest but here is the list so far.

    Stenographer (Silver) 10 Bookmarks
    Stenographer (Gold) 40 Bookmarks
    Stenographer (Diamond) 125 Bookmarks
    Social Butterfly (Silver) shared at least 5x
    Weekend Warrior (Gold) 10 hr total weekend
    Repeat Listener (Silver) same audiobook 3x
    Undecided (Silver) at least 3 different titles in one day
    Flash 80 (Silver) look at your stats 50x
    Flash 80 (Gold) look at your stats 200x
    Flash 80 (Gold) look at your stats 500x
    High Noon (Diamond) 4 hrs during lunchtime

  32. Eric says:

    All Nighter (Silver) listen to 4 hrs at night.
    All Nighter (Gold) listen to 6 hrs at night.
    All Nighter (Diamond) listen to 8 hrs at night.

  33. Steph says:

    This is what I have so far (in addition to Eric’s list):
    Marathoner (Silver) listen 8 hours straight
    Marathoner (Gold) I am at 14 hrs and counting and still not received
    Undedided (Diamond) at least 40 titles in one day
    Binge Listener (Diamond) 10 books start to finish
    7 Day Stretch (Gold) 15 books in a single week

    • Chad says:

      When you say “8 hours straight” do you mean without pausing at all? Because I went 11 hours in one day but there were short periods of not listing.

      • Rebecca says:

        Yes, you almost have to fall asleep with it on. I have the gold level Marathoner badge which I recieved after falling asleep with my phone going.

      • Jackie says:

        Marathoner silver level is accomished by 8 hours straight listening, without pausing or intteruption. I just got it.

    • Jeremiah Walters says:

      I have diamondon Marathoner with 24 hrs

    • Stephen King says:

      I had Marathoner diamond in one incarnation but lost it on a reinstall. I think I got it over a 37 hour plan trip from US to either Bangalore or South Africa.. I want to say diamond was 24 hours straight, but don’t remember for sure. Funny. Seemed easy at the time but since the reinstall I have yet to get even the first level of this one back.

  34. Chad says:

    Any word on Mount Everest?

  35. Lynne says:

    I always thought that Mt. Everest would be awarded if you got Diamond Level in everything else…but I too am stumped.

    I also think that I listened every day for 7 days when I first installed the app. I didn’t get anything in the obsessed. Have unlocked all except for obsessed, procrastinator, and Mt. Everest.

  36. Chad says:

    I’ve started thinking about Mt. Everest and I think it might have something to do with reaching the top of the “Listening Level”. I’m only on AppNovice, only 380 more hours to go till AppProfesstional. If anyone is in the upper levels of the “listening level” let us know if there is anything there.

    • Em says:

      Nope, I just hit the top of the listening levels and I got nothing, no badge, no message. Very uneventful. I’m still trying to get Mt Everest or Procrastinator and have no Idea how.

      • Jeremiah Walters says:

        Mt Everest is tied to the total time of the book I have gold for a book that is longer then 30 hour

  37. Paul Alves says:

    They are using game theory – it’s sheer genius and I think apple should even include non game apps in their game center achievement count.

    Farmville, world of Warcraft etc have all figured out that people will strive for these badges of honor as if they were real life objectives and rewards… Of course all of this stems from the Microsoft xbox 360 teams use of achievements which I believe is the first use of this type of system.

    What apple, Zynga (farmville), blizzard (world of Warcraft) and audible need to add to their systems is a way to display these achievements, thus making them much more valuable psychologically to the end user.

    The xbox team still does this best. You cannot look at another xbox users name without seeing the score (based on achievements) of that player.

    If there was an achievement score beside your name in world of Warcraft, farmville, audible etc then those players would work harder and longer to up their value (status) within each respective competitive environment.

    It’s virtual “keeping up with the Jonses” and if your neighbor can’t see your achievements then they aren’t achievements that you will strive for.

  38. Lynne says:

    I am on app scholar, nothing for me….

  39. Ben says:

    Any word on Mt. Everest?

  40. Wes says:

    Just got App Master, but no new badges.

  41. Lynda says:

    Stenographer, when you make notes or book marks.
    Seven day stretch, when you listen seven days in a row for a certain amount of time (2 hrs I think).

    • Lynne says:

      I do not think that is so. The stretch is how many complete books you finish in 7 days. Gold is 15 books in one week.

  42. Lynda says:

    Does anyone know if the speed setting affects badges received for time listened?

    • Gerald says:

      I don’t think so. I am listening to a book narrated by Stuart Blinder (the slowest reader I’ve ever heard) so I am listening at 3x speed (sounds like 1 1/2 speed with this narrator) and while the clock for the time remaining in chapter goes down faster the daily listening clock is in real time. I was also thinking to shortcut some of the time requirements but that is a no go.

      • sinclairac says:

        It would make sense of the guy who listened for 88 straight hours while he slept (and not for 3 1/2 days).

    • Stephen King says:

      I generally listen to everything at 2x speed and have all but three badges (had all but 2 before the reinstall caused me to have to restart again). I think it counts the actual time I spend and not the book length. The one thing I can tell you that makes me think speed is irrelevent is that a while back I redownloaded all of the books that I had finished on an old version, so they were not market finished. Then I went one by one and chapter stepped to the end of each (what can I say, I’m obsessive about stuff like this). When I was done I had the gold level Undecider badge (listened to at least 40 different titles in one day), which I did not have even first level of before.

  43. Stephen Friesen says:

    I have a feeling that there are more glitches even in the most up to date versions of this app than is willing to admit, none the less I’m certainly enjoying getting all my NON-glitched badges to diamond level. I’ve listed to at LEAST 16 hours straight without pause of any sort and I have NO marathon badges I also listened to on average 5 hours a day from the day I downloaded the app and no audible obsessed for me lol. Oh well, it’s great to see companies move towards this so-called “badge bandwagon” as it gives one something to show to one’s friends when protesting that one does not “accomplish NOTHING”. Lol I really do think it is that good feeling one gets from achieving something that drives the whole mentality of this movement. But look at me here rambling on.

    Good show! As you were, carry on.

    -Stephen Friesen

  44. jay says:

    I emailed Audible to ask about Obsessed, and etc. Here is their answer

    For audible obsessed, basically you would have to be using the app for either 7, 30 or 90 days straight

    For procrastinator: Have more than (10,20,75) unfinished books in your library (eg: These books have been downloaded locally, but not completely listened to)

    and mount everest is completing a title that is either 30, 60 or 78 hours long. I hope this has helped you and I do hope you enjoy the rest of your day.


  45. Aaron Delp says:

    Anybody figured out Everest yet? I’m thinking you get it once all the others are complete at a certain level. Anybody have all the other silver badges and did that reward Everest? Many games these days are doing that as last reward for getting all the badges.

  46. Terri says:

    I have recently picked back up listening to a book I got about halfway through many months ago – still no procrastinator! Any updates from anyone on this?

  47. Garth says:

    Audible App Badges
    1. Stenographer
    a. (Silver) 10 Bookmarks with a comment.
    b. (Gold) 40 Bookmarks with a comment.
    c. (Diamond) 125 Bookmarks with a comment.

    2. Social Butterfly
    a. (Silver) shared 5x
    b. (Gold) shared 25x
    c. (Diamond) shared 100x

    3. Flash 80
    a. (Silver) look at your stats 50x
    b. (Gold) look at your stats 200x
    c. (Diamond) look at your stats 500x

    4. Audible Obsessed
    a. (Silver) Listening every day for 7 days
    b. (Gold) ?
    c. (Diamond) ?

    5. Weekend Warrior
    a. (Silver) ?
    b. (Gold) 10 hours in one weekend
    c. (Diamond) 24 hours in one weekend

    6. Repeat Listener
    a. (Silver) same audio book 3x.
    b. (Gold) same audio book 10x.
    c. ( Diamond) same audio book 20x.

    7. All Nighter
    a. (Silver) listen to 4 hrs at night.
    b. (Gold) listen to 6 hrs at night.
    c. (Diamond) listen to 8 hrs at night.

    8. Marathoner
    a. (Silver) listening 16 hours straight.
    b. (Gold) ?
    c. (Diamond) listening 24 hours straight.

    9. Undecided
    a. (Silver) listening to parts of 3 different titles in one day.
    b. (Gold) ?
    c. (Diamond) listening to parts of 40 different titles in one day.

    10. High Noon
    a. (Silver) ?
    b. (Gold) ?
    c. (Diamond) 4 hrs during lunchtime

    11. The Stack
    a. (Silver) – having 50 books in your library.
    b. (Gold) – ?
    c. (Diamond) – having 500 books in your library.

    12. Mount Everest
    a. (Silver) ?
    b. (Gold)?
    c. (Diamond)?

    13. 7 day stretch
    a. (Silver) Completed 7 books in a single week
    b. (Gold) Completed 15 books in a single week
    c. (Diamond) Completed 50 books in a single week

    14. Binge Listener
    a. (Silver) 2 complete books start to finish
    b. (Gold) 5 complete books start to finish
    c. (Diamond) 10 books start to finish

    15. Procrasinator
    a. (Silver)?
    b. (Gold)?
    c. (Diamond)?

  48. Garth says:

    fyi, i found the above list on facebook…

  49. Tisa says:

    I earned the Silver obsessed badge. I listened for 7 straight days.

  50. Tisa says:

    I have 2 Badges left to complete. Procrastinator and Mt. Everest.

  51. L says:

    Still no word on Procrastinator and Everest? Has anyone gotten these two?

  52. Lisa says:

    unconfirmed (I want to see it to believe it) but cousin got Mt. Everest for listening to a book for 40 hours (said he got it after listening to the Vampire Archives which was 61 hours long). He also states he has procrastinator badge for having 10 unfinished books. I will check it out (by visual confirmation … I dont trust him) and let you know

  53. attabui says:

    Given that Audible is an Amazon company now, which holds perhaps the most ambitious cloud architecture in the world, it’s surprising that these badges and listening stats are not sync’d to our Audible/Amazon accounts. Would be trivial for a company of this size.

  54. J Steed says:

    I emailed audible and they informed me thy mount everest is received for listening to a 30 hour book (silver) 60 hours (gold) and 78 (diamond). The only audible books I found over 78 are versions of the bible.

  55. Eric says:

    With the help of App Badges (iPhone/Android) ( here is the (mostly) complete list. Note some of the times have changed, off the top of my head Marathoner times have decreased, with the newer versions of the app but as long as you keep listening you’ll get it (eventually).

    1. Stenographer
    a. (Silver) 10 Bookmarks with a comment.
    b. (Gold) 40 Bookmarks with a comment.
    c. (Diamond) 125 Bookmarks with a comment.

    2. Social Butterfly
    a. (Silver) shared 5x
    b. (Gold) shared 25x
    c. (Diamond) shared 100x

    3. Flash 80
    a. (Silver) look at your stats 50x
    b. (Gold) look at your stats 200x
    c. (Diamond) look at your stats 500x

    4. Audible Obsessed
    a. (Silver) Listening every day for 7 days
    b. (Gold) Listening every day for XX days
    c. (Diamond) Listening every day for XX days

    5. Weekend Warrior
    a. (Silver) 3 hours in one weekend
    b. (Gold) 10 hours in one weekend
    c. (Diamond) 24 hours in one weekend

    6. Repeat Listener
    a. (Silver) same audio book 3x.
    b. (Gold) same audio book 10x.
    c. ( Diamond) same audio book 20x.

    7. All Nighter
    a. (Silver) listen to 4 hrs at night.
    b. (Gold) listen to 6 hrs at night.
    c. (Diamond) listen to 8 hrs at night.

    8. Marathoner
    a. (Silver) listening 10 hours straight.
    b. (Gold) listening 16 hours straight.
    c. (Diamond) listening 24 hours straight.

    9. Undecided
    a. (Silver) listening to parts of 3 different titles in one day.
    b. (Gold) listening to parts of 15 different titles in one day.
    c. (Diamond) listening to parts of 40 different titles in one day.

    10. High Noon
    a. (Silver) 2 hrs during lunchtime
    b. (Gold) 3 hrs during lunchtime
    c. (Diamond) 4 hrs during lunchtime

    11. The Stack
    a. (Silver) – having 50 books in your library.
    b. (Gold) – having 200 books in your library.
    c. (Diamond) – having 500 books in your library.

    12. Mount Everest
    a. (Silver)
    b. (Gold)
    c. (Diamond)

    13. 7 day stretch
    a. (Silver) Completed 7 books in a single week
    b. (Gold) Completed 15 books in a single week
    c. (Diamond) Completed 50 books in a single week

    14. Binge Listener
    a. (Silver) 2 complete books start to finish
    b. (Gold) 5 complete books start to finish
    c. (Diamond) 10 books start to finish

    15. Procrasinator
    a. (Silver)
    b. (Gold)
    c. (Diamond)

    • Mp5 says:

      Procrastinator – listen at half speed for an entire audio book.

    • LaShelle says:

      As for the stenographer badge you don’t have you leave a comment.

    • Wow score! Thanks.

    • SandyK says:

      I have 2 additional badges on my Windows phone that haven’t been mentioned in any post that I have seen so far. This is what I know about them:

      16. Look Ma No Buttons
      a. (Silver)-it says I have used the button-free feature a total of 24 times, so I think I go this one at 20 uses.
      b. (Gold) ?
      c. (Diamond) ?

      17. Sleepy Head
      a. (Silver)-it says I have used the Sleep Timer 6 times, so I think I got this one at 5 uses.
      b. (Gold) ?
      c. (Diamond) ?

      Not sure if anyone else have these two, but I am sure that people will start to ask about them.

      • Mattine says:

        Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have the same ones and was beginning to despair of finding out what they meant!

  56. P says:

    Obsessed Gold – listening every day of a full calendar month.

    I’ve got all badges but Procrastinator (?) and Everest (?)
    I’m 300 hours from App Master,so if it changes, I’ll repost.

  57. MickeyBoy says:

    I got the procrastinator badge a while ago. I believe it was for downloading a book and then not playing it for ages (I was buying a number of books at once and it took me a while to get round to that one)

  58. LaShelle says:

    The binge listener badge is for listening to at least a book from start to finish!

  59. Chris says:

    I have listened to over twenty five books start to finish and have not gotten anything as far as binge listener. What do they consider “start to finish”? I go completely to the end, after the monotone voice says he hopes I enjoyed or whatever and it stops. I also finished Atlas Shrugged and got nothing for that 64 hour giant.

    • Martha says:

      You have to let the timer run out. I got the badge tonight because I forgot to turn it off after the book was done

  60. Sage says:

    If someone already posted about stenographer, disregard this.

    Stenographer is if you placed 10 bookmarks.

  61. P says:

    I’ve got 13 Diamonds- everything but Procrastinator and Mt Everest. Still no luck finding them…? Anyone figured this out yet ?

  62. people have time to listen to the same audiobook more than once?? lol!

    • Stephen King says:

      I’ve listed to “Treasure of the Sierra Madres” about 25 times now. I especially like the part where the guy says Badgers? We don’ need no steenking badgers!

  63. Papa Bear says:

    It would probably need to be a book like that in one session… Whew!!

  64. Michelle says:

    I emailed Audible and this is the list they sent me…

    Stenographer Using the bookmark feature within the App (10, 40, 125) times
    Audible Obsessed Using the App for (7, 30, 90) days straight
    Weekend Warrior Listening (5,10,24) hours during the weekend
    Repeat Listener Listening to the same book (3,10,20) times
    All Nighter Listening to an Audible title for (4,6,8) hours of between 10pm-6am
    Marathoner Listening for (8,16,24) hours straight
    Undecider Listen to (3,15,40) different titles within 24 hours
    Flash 80 Checking your Audible Stats (50, 200, 500) times
    High Noon Listening at Lunch (between 11 and 2pm) for (1,2,4) hours, not including weekends
    Binge Listener Listening to (1,5,10) complete books in one sitting
    Social Butterfly Using the Post to Social Network feature (5, 25, 100) times
    7-Day Stretch Completing (7, 15, 50) books in a single week
    Procrastinator Have more than (10,20,75) unfinished books in your library (eg: These books have been downloaded locally, but not completely listened to)
    The Stack (50, 200, or 500) books in Library
    Mount Everest Completing a title that is > (30, 60, 78) hrs long

  65. I am still wanting the Procrastinator badge…any ideas anyone?

  66. Lisa B says:

    Audible obsessed Gold – listened for 30 days straight

  67. Jeni says:

    Stenographer badge is for placing over 40 bookmarks in your library.

    Thank you for explaining the ones you know so far. I couldn’t figure out flash 80 or social butterfly but now they make sense and I must obtain them!

  68. Tim says:

    I earned the Diamond Obsessed badge by listening for 90 days straight

  69. Daniel says:

    If I had to guess I would say the mt.everest badge is for listening for a total amount of time equal to the Hight of mt.everest in feet.

  70. Daniel says:

    You don’t have to leave a comment on your bookmarks in order to get stenographer

  71. st says:

    Anyone discover what it takes for Audible Obsessed, Procrastinator and Everest yet?

  72. LaShelle says:

    The silver level for audible obsessed is reached when you’ve listened for 7 days straight. The silver level for stenographer is reached when you’ve placed at least 10 bookmarks. The silver level for binge listener is reached when you’ve listened to a least one book from start to finish. Silver level for 7 day stretch is reached when you’ve listened to 7 books in a single week. No clue about the others.

  73. Gerald says:

    Audible obsessed Gold is 30 days straight. I haven’t gotten diamond yet.

  74. Fiona says:

    Audible obsessed Diamond is 90 days straight (Im sad to say that I know this first hand :) )

  75. Monica says:

    On my app, it says that if Audible is running in the background stats aren’t collected. So if you’re listening while doing other stuff on your phone, that time might not count towards badges.

    • Heath says:

      I still get mine, if I purchased it from Audible. It’s when I play audiobooks I’ve purchased from iTunes in the Audible app that nothing counts. But, I also downloaded the all like two months ago, so from the time of your post, something might have been fixed. *shrug* I’m running on iPhone 4s and iOS 5.1.1

  76. J. V. Lee says:

    I have noticed that if you replace your android device (either as an upgrade or to correct a malfunction), the Stats counter resets to zero. The only badge that carries over is the Stack, based on the number of titles in your Audible library. Audible is aware of this although it has not yet been addressed.

    I have achieved AppScholar on 3 separate android phones, but had the misfortune of requiring a replacement phone before getting the AppMaster designation.

  77. Jen says:

    If Flash 80 is named after a football player, then it’s named after Jerry Rice. It was his nickname.

  78. JM says:

    You get Obsessed Diamond for listening 90 days straight.

    • eizan70 says:

      Is this on android or IOS? I haven’t missed a day of listening since Christmas, and Have yet to get beyond the silver. I was wondering if there are different bugs with different platforms. I am using the IOS version

      • JM says:

        I have IOS. After getting gold I noticed that although I had been fastidious about listening every day it hadn’t logged any listening time for one particular day. I had to start over but the second time it managed to log everything. I know that sometimes when I haven’t listened for a few hours the app seems to get confused and sends me back an hour or so. It’s definitely buggy.

  79. matt says:

    i have DIAMONDS in all when do i get the money for all the work i did, I’m shore i didn’t do all this for fun,,,lol

  80. Topher says:

    I’ve noticed that if the app is in the background, it doesn’t give me credit for the badges.

    • JM says:

      This is true. It only logs time for when the app is in the foreground, but if you’re going for obsessed all you need is a minute or two.

  81. eizan70 says:

    I wonder how the different bugs within the different platforms plays out here. I have only been able to attain the silver level audible obsessed even though I haven’t missed a day of listening since christmas (over six months ago), and even to get the silver I had gone periods of listening greater than 7 days in a row many times before achieving the badge.

  82. Julie says:

    Binge listener is listening to a book all the way through.

  83. Tim says:

    The problem with the audable app is when you change your phone die to loss or upgrade you lose all you badges, and accumulated hours. Drat!

  84. Brian says:

    Audible is making everyone with an old style account login change over to using an Amazon login. Which means you have to re-register the app, which mean you lose all stats/badges. Thanks a lot Audible/Amazon.

    On another note, if the list above is correct then it is impossible to get the diamond Mount Everest (completing a title that is 78 hours long) as in a recent list Audible published the longest title in their store is 63 hours long (Atlas Shrugged read by Scott Brick) or did they used to have a longer book?

    • Martha says:

      There are a bunch of bible audio books that are more that 75 hours long. But sometime in 2013 there will be a book “Two for Texas” that is suppose to be 83 hours long.

    • Martha says:

      There are a bunch of bible audio books that are 75 hours or more, but sometime in 2013 they are releasing a book “Two for Texas” that is 83 hours long.

      • Martha says:

        When I went back to look at this book again it now says its only 5 hours long. So I guess only bible books are over 75 hours long.

  85. Heath says:

    Stenographer is completed by placing bookmarks. I read somewhere that you have to add notes in order to accomplish this, but I’ve added no notes to my bookmarks and I’m at the diamond level. :)

  86. mike says:

    I think that there are some serious bugs in the app. for instance, I haven’t received Mt. Everest; even though I have just finished Word of Promise Audio Bible. That is a 97.58 hours book. I ran the app at night while sleeping,so my iphone was not disturbed. I haven’t received marathon, which should be at least gold (16 hours). Obsessed, i have listened to audible everyday for two months; no badge there.
    I have downloaded all my books though itunes. I am going to try downloading a 30+ hour book directly to my phone and see if that makes a difference. I always keep audible as the active app; the app on screen. Some questions I have are; does using another app which does not interrupt the audio stop the app from recording ones stats? If the phone locks itself but is still playing from Audible, is that counted in my stats? When one part of a book is finished and Audible starts playing the next part; is that break counted as a stop in my app?
    I am very curious to see what other people have found when trying to win these badges.

  87. mike says:

    Soooo, just got off the phone from chatting with Audible. Finally, got to talk to someone who seemed to know something, and was helpful! I can say that the Audible app ~may~ not be buggy; but it is VERY PARTICULAR!!

    Always download a book DIRECTLY to your phone; not through iTunes (if your trying to gain badges). The app says that your stats wont be counted if you leave the Audible app, and open another app.

    Incoming calls WILL stop your listening stats! Even if you don’t answer.

    And this one I began to suspect, which audible confirmed. The app REQUIRES cellular data signal! Drive through a hole in your cell service while trying for marathoner? Maybe half hour left to marathon silver badge? Wellll, start your marathon over ’cause that hole just stopped your stats from being counted!

    The best way to get the Marathoner, or Mt. Everest, is to run the app at night; and in an area with good cellular service or wifi. Of course, you’ll need to beg your friends NOT to call you while working to get in your badge time! I was told by a different Audible chap that text messages don’t interfere with the listening stats.

    Marathoner silver is 16 hours, not 8! That straight from Audible. Something interesting that the Tech said about people claiming to get an 8 hour silver Marathoner. ~Apparently~ on some platforms, one could listen to a 8 hour book, finish it, start another 8 hour book, finish that one and get the Marathoner silver! I said, “That’s certainly not how the app indicates to get the badge!” Here I think there may be a difference with regards to different phone platforms. As stated before, I have an iphone 4s.

    The tech also said that some badges are depend it on your app listening level.

    Lastly, I was told that technical support would get back to me to clear up some more questions I have about the app/badges. Well, that would be nice……. but I’m not holding my breath!

    • MATT says:

      badges are ment to be a window into a reader life,how he spends his free time ect’ ,,,not to see if he’s good at winning ,,, if you would like to get all the badges just read, read the way you like to,not by someone else rules,,thay came up with this to make money not to help you read..

    • ea0723 says:

      Mike, Thank you!! I think Audible should receive some nudges to loosen the restrictions (going up and down the elevator in my apt building I lose signal)

      It’s unrealistic for them to expect you to ALWAYS have signal and not receive phone calls or need to do other things with your device…

      but, it certainly won’t stop me from listening!

    • Katie says:

      But what happens if you have all the badges?!?!?

  88. Harry dresden says:

    Jerry Rice’s nickname is flash 80

  89. Cara says:

    Stenograper is for placing 8 or more bookmarks.

  90. BobTheCopywriter says:

    Great work to everyone. From reading the comments here, it seems like the badge meaning have now been well established. Now if only they were only transferable. Unfortunately, however, if you reinstall or move on to a new phone your badges are lost.

    • attabui says:

      There are a few things that can be done about it, at least for iOS users:

      In the general case, iTunes/iCloud backups mean that if you move to a new device and chose to (or /can/)restore from your backup, you get your badges and other stats back.

      Sometimes, though, you either can’t or don’t want to restore from an iCloud backup. For these cases, I use a Mac app called iExplorer, which lets me manually grab the app data off of my device for moving to a new device, even if that new device has been configured as “new”, without an iTunes or iCloud backup. iExplorer can also pull an individual app’s data out of an iTunes backup. It’s not free, and it’s not without a learning curve but it has saved my bacon a few times.

      • BobTheCopywriter says:

        I did not know that. That’s great for those of us who want to preserve our badges!Thank you!

  91. lisa says:

    I wish it was a system where when you collect so many badges you receive a credit or something simular. Even 1 credit once you collect all badges available :) or level up and the higher the level the more offers / discounts / promos you are given as a valued listener.

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